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Blueberry Popping boba (200g)

Blueberry Popping boba (200g)

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Discover a Delectable Delight: Introducing Our Newest Fruity Sensation - Blueberry Popping Boba!

Get ready to experience the pure joy of fresh blueberries with our latest addition to the boba family - Blueberry Popping Boba! Each tiny pearl is bursting with the juicy and succulent taste of ripe blueberries, making it a perfect treat to beat the heat on hot summer days or to add a splash of happiness to any moment.

Delight in the refreshing sweetness and tantalizing flavor of these delightful boba balls as they dance on your taste buds, leaving you with a smile that brightens your day. Whether you're sipping a classic bubble tea or crafting your own unique fruity concoction, our Blueberry Popping Boba is the perfect choice to elevate your drink to new heights of enjoyment.

Indulge yourself with the essence of fresh blueberries and let the vibrant burst of flavor transport you to a sunny orchard with every sip. Don't miss out on this fruity and sweet delight - try our Blueberry Popping Boba today and treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss!


Each tub contains 200g

we recommend 50g per serving 

Not suitable for children under 5 years old.



Water, Fructose, Sugar, Blueberry Syrup, Calcium Lactate (E327), Modified Starch, Sodium Alginate (E401), Malic Acid (E296), Citric Acid (E330), Xanthan Gum (E415), Blueberry Flavour, CMC (E466), FD&C Red #40 (E129), FD&C Blue #1 (E133)

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