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Green apple Popping boba

Green apple Popping boba

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Experience the Freshness of Apple Popping Boba - A Burst of Flavor in Every Sip!

Indulge in the crisp and refreshing taste of fresh apples with our delightful Apple Popping Boba! These boba balls are the perfect accompaniment to your bubble tea drinks, cocktails, and even ice cream, offering an exciting burst of flavor and a playful popping sensation in every delightful bite. Each boba is infused with the essence of green apple, delivering a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Versatile and enjoyable in both hot and cold beverages, our Apple Popping Boba is a delightful treat for all seasons. Plus, it's gluten-free, making it an excellent choice for those with dietary restrictions. Add a touch of fun and a burst of flavor to your bubble tea, cocktails, or ice cream by trying our Apple Popping Boba today! Savor the delightful taste of fresh apples with every sip and embrace the excitement it brings to your favorite drinks and desserts.

Each tub contains 200g

we recommend 50g per serving 

Not suitable for children under 5 years old.


Water, Fructose, Sugar, Apple Syrup, Calcium Lactate (E327), Modified Starch, Sodium Alginate (E401), Malic Acid (E296), Citric Acid (E330), Xanthan Gum (E415), Apple Flavour, FD&C Yellow #5 (E129), FD&C Blue #1 (E133),

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